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Author: Rachel Mirsky

Common Criminal Defenses

By Rachel Mirsky Dec 17, 2021

Common Criminal Defenses that Work for Criminal Cases in Connecticut You need the best attorney in Connecticut to pull up a strong defense for your criminal case. They are very well versed in the most common criminal defenses. Your lawyer [...]

Basic Types of White-Collar Crimes in the US

By Rachel Mirsky Nov 27, 2021

Basic Types of White-Collar Crimes in the US White-collar crimes involve a systematic way of defrauding victims of their financial property. White-collar criminals do not result in violence or physical damage, yet they command a lot of monies. The phrase [...]

Felony Crimes & Misdemeanors In New Haven

By Rachel Mirsky Oct 1, 2021

How Does Connecticut Differ Between Felony Crimes & Misdemeanors?  In Connecticut, like the majority of other states in the U.S., a felony is recognized as more substantial in nature than a misdemeanor. The repercussions of felony crimes, if successfully convicted [...]

Possession Of Narcotics With Intent

By Rachel Mirsky Sep 13, 2021

What If I’m Arrested for Possession of Narcotics With Intent to Sell?  Being arrested for any kind of drug crime in Connecticut is frightening. The state is cracking down on the illegal possession, manufacture, and sale of narcotics, in particular, [...]

How Can I Prove My Assault Charge Was In Self Defense?

By Rachel Mirsky Aug 16, 2021

Proving Self Defense In Your Assault Case When a person finds themselves in a highly stressful or dangerous scenario, the human body has an instinctive fight or flight response that often cannot be helped. When a person believes they are [...]

What Should I Do If I Miss My Criminal Court Date?

By Rachel Mirsky Jul 19, 2021

The repercussions of missing a scheduled court date after being charged with criminal conduct can be drastic. Here's what you should understand about navigating the court system after missing an appearance and where to get reliable legal assistance.  Missed Your [...]

What Does Juror Misconduct Look Like?

By Rachel Mirsky Jun 25, 2021

The Definition of Jury Misconduct   If a judge issues a guilty verdict in your criminal case, you may be able to file an appeal if you believe you had an unfair trial or if the jury was compromised. Here are [...]

What Happens If I Miss My Trial Date?

By Rachel Mirsky May 26, 2021

Did I miss My Trial Date In New Haven? If you're facing criminal charges, you'll be compelled to appear in court at a set time to have your case heard by a judge and depending on the crime, possibly a [...]

When Can Criminal Records Be Expunged?

By Rachel Mirsky Apr 26, 2021

Can I Expunge My Criminal Record In New Haven? After being charged with a criminal offense in New Haven, you’ll want to explore the options you may have to get some or all of your records expunged. This means that [...]

What Are Examples of Good Alibis?

By Rachel Mirsky Mar 26, 2021

Alibis: The Best Defense In Criminal Cases Alibis are one of the most effective criminal defense strategies no matter the case type. An alibi means you were somewhere else or with someone else at the time the crime allegedly occurred, [...]

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