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What Are Examples of Good Alibis?

What Are Examples of Good Alibis?

An alibi is one of the most effective criminal defense strategies no matter the case type. An alibi means you were somewhere else or with someone else at the time the crime allegedly occurred, typically meaning that you couldn’t possibly have been the perpetrator. 

Here are some good examples of alibis and how to get the legal help you need after being arrested for a criminal offense.

Hard Evidence You Were Somewhere Else 

The most powerful alibis include tangible evidence that you were in another place, such as: 

Store Receipts 

If you were shopping at the time the alleged crime was committed, a store receipt or credit card transaction that is date and time stamped can be clear evidence that you could not have committed the crime in question.

Video Footage 

Like a paper receipt, video surveillance footage of you in another place can be all that is necessary to clear your name from the list of criminal suspects. If you were at a restaurant, store, bar, or other establishment when the crime was committed, ask the manager or owner for a copy of the video surveillance footage from that day and time.

Social Media Evidence 

If you were somewhere else, even alone, and made a social media post, you may be able to use this as an alibi. For example, your phone GPS can track your location and this data can be accessed by your telecom provider when necessary, such as if it were subpoenaed. Or, perhaps you “checked in” somewhere on social media, proving you weren’t at the crime scene, even if no one else can corroborate your claim. 

A Witness Who Can Testify You Were With Them 

If you do have a witness who can corroborate your claim, however, this can also be used to help strengthen your alibi. Even just the testimony under oath from someone who says they were with you on the day and time in question can be enough to create reasonable doubt in the eyes of a jury. 

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Form a Strong Alibi 

A good alibi gives you a much better chance of receiving a favorable verdict in your criminal case, however, you can be confident the prosecution will work hard to poke holes in it. You need a seasoned criminal defense attorney who can help. Call now for your initial consultation to discuss your case in detail at (203) 290-2779.

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